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If you are living in GTA (Brampton,Toronto, Mississauga) or Halton  area (Milton, Oakville, Georgetown,Burlington) then you pick right site for Mobile veterinarian for your pet.
We provide the highest quality 
veterinary treatment and specialty care for your pets with affordable prices. You can be confident knowing your pet is in good hands because of our advanced training, expertise and cutting-edge technology.

Our Mobile Veterinary Service prides itself on delivering state-of-the-art services, while providing compassionate care for all the animals we work with at comfort of your home. You and your pet will receive the attention you deserve with our unique, collaborative care approach at convenient place of your home. we provide all services of a full service veterinary clinic but at your home.
Our convenient House Call Service is perfect for:
  • People who wants there pets to be taken care of at convenient place of there home
  • Pet owners who don't want to travel to clinic with busy traffic.
  • Pets who got anxious,upset or agressive when taken to veterinary clinic.
  • Senior animals and owners with limited mobility.
  • Pets who have problem with car ride.
  • Owners who want to do end of life care (Euthanasia)for there pet in their own environment in a peacful and loving way
  • Owners who want to prevent their pets from getting any kind of contagious diseases from other pets.
Our fees are comparable to typical veterinary clinic. If you can get best veterinary care at home with comparable price then why to travel to clinic.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our veterinarian services or your animal's health care needs.  We love animals as much as you do and we look forward to working with you and your pets. We know a healthy pet is a happy pet!

Call 416 817 3120 to book the appointment